Slang and Idioms (1)



Give it a shotTryThe exam is really hard but I will give it a shot. 
Speak your mind Say what you really feel I speak my mind because I am a very honest person. 
A piece of cake Very easy The exam paper was a piece of cake. 
Slipped my mindI forgot I was supposed to call my mom this morning and it slipped my mind. 
Cross your fingersFor good luck Good luck with your test tomorrow, I will have my fingers crossed. 
Be in hot waterBe in trouble A boy can be in hot water with his mother, if he comes into the house with dirty and wet shoes.
It cost an arm and a legIt was expensive The young woman’s gambling addiction was costing her an arm and a leg, so she decided to get help.
It’s in the bagIt’s a certainty I’ve got a job in the bag.
Get cold feetBe nervousShe got cold feet before her wedding.
A rip offToo expensive Don’t eat in the museum restaurant – it’s a rip-off. 


住所:〒564-0002 大阪府豊中市緑丘1-24-14
固定電話: 0677130569
携帯: 09066778007

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