•gonna – going to

•wanna – want to

•gotta – have got to

•kinda – kind of

•dunno – don’t know

•gimme – give me

•outta – out of

•watcha – what are you

Do you understand?

•I’m gonna go today.

•I wanna sing.

•I’ve gotta go now.

•She’s kinda funny.

•I dunno where he is.

•Gimme some food!

•I’m outta here.

•Watcha thinking?


営業時間 月曜日~日曜日(年末、年始を除く)、7:00 ~ 22:00

住所:〒560-0002 大阪府豊中市緑ヶ丘1-24-14

* 電話番号 : 06-7713-0569

* 携帯 : 090-6677-8007

* メールアドレス: * ライン :


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