ZOOM Let’s Speak Thai

1-21-14 Midorigaoka
Toyonaka City, OSAKA 560-0002


This lesson gives you the environment to speak freely with the native speaker. With fun and interesting topics, flash cards, games and other useful learning materials, the free talk will help you to build up your vocabularies, improve listening and speaking skills as well as learning more about Japanese culture, tradition, lifestyle and people. 

About the Lesson 

This is a private and custom lesson. One-to-one lesson and private group lesson are available. For private group lesson, you can make your own group of friends to join the lesson together (max 6 people). 

If you wish to improve certain skills, we can personalize the lesson for you. Please feel free to make requests.

Targeted Levels

Beginner to advanced level

Lesson Duration

40 minutes lesson

Lesson Location

Anywhere in the world via Zoom, Skype …

Learning materials 

You are not required to buy any books or learning materials. 

What you need is as following: 

  • ZOOM Link (We will send you the link upon your payment)
  • Internet Access
  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet
  • Monitor
  • Speaker
  • Microphone 
  • Webcam

Lesson Fees

There is no registration fee. However, we don’t provide any free trial lesson at the moment.

40 Minutes Trial Lesson Fee is $20 per person for one-to-one lesson.
40 Minutes Trial Lesson Fee is $35 per group (max 6 people)


Cancelation Policy

  • FULL REFUND – Cancellation with 24 hours’ notice or more
  • NO REFUND – Cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice , No Show 
  • REARRANGE LESSON – If a teacher has scheduled holiday dates or needs to take time off, you will be advised as soon as possible. We will try to arrange your lesson for another time. 
  • CONNECTION PROBLEMS – If there are connection problems which make it difficult to carry out the class, the first class will not be charged to the student. Please try to improve the situation and get ready for the second class. We will not take responsibility for the same problem from the second class.

Let’s have fun learning Thai language with us

The English Salon OSAKA

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