Available in many pairs of languages. Using our worldwide network, we guarantee your total satisfaction with our impeccable accuracy and personalized customer service. We always aim to deliver the most cost effective and efficient translation solutions possible to make your ordering decision easy. Our professional translators work around the clod to fulfill your needs without delay. 

For more information and quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us with the information given below:


iSEKAI Group 株式会社

Tel/Fax: 06-7713-0569

Mobile: (JP) 090-6677-8007

              (EN) 080-4394-8008

Instagram: @english_academy_esaka

FaceBook: @iSEKAI.EnglishAcademy

LINE: isekai8

WhatsApp: iSEKAI2018

KakaoTalk: iSEKAI2018

WeChat: iSEKAI2018 


(JP) 〒564-0063 大阪府 吹田市 江坂町 2-3-30-301

(EN) 〒564-0063 Osaka-Fu, Suita-Shi, Esaka-Cho 2-3-30-301, Japan 

Opening Hours: 08:00 ~ 21:00 (Mondays to Sundays)

Official Website:

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