Halloween Vocabulary

Spooky Spooky 🎃 Halloween Vocabulary •Jack O’lantern •Black Cat •Scarecrow •Spider •Bat •Pirate •Witch •Mummy •Vampire •Skeleton •Ghost •Monster 営業時間 月曜日~日曜日(年末、年始を除く)、7:00 ~ 22:00 スクールの場所 •少路 〒560-0002 大阪府豊中市緑ヶ丘1-24-14 •芦屋 〒659-0096 兵庫県芦屋市山手町14-8 •江坂 〒5640063 大阪府吹田市江坂町2-1-35 __________________________________ お問い合わせ 電話番号 : 06-7713-0569 携帯 : 090-6677-8007 メールアドレス: info@the-english-salon.com ライン : https://bit.ly/2VSi9Rz

Adverbs of Frequency

100% Always 90% Usually 80% Frequency 70% Often 50% Sometimes 30% Occasionally 10% Seldom 5% Rarely 0% Never For example: •He is always very punctual. •Our family usually go to the restaurant on Fridays. •I frequently get excited by my work. •They often eat junk food. •Sometimes, I just need someone to talk to. •We... Continue Reading →

What time is it?

It’s 10:00 - ten o’clock (or ten) 10:05 - five past ten (or ten oh five) 10:10 - ten past ten (or ten ten) 10:15 - quarter past ten (or ten fifteen) 10:20 - twenty past ten (or ten twenty) 10:25 - twenty-five past ten (or ten twenty-five) 10:30 - half past ten (or ten... Continue Reading →

My Treasures!!!

What card games should I pick for my students today? Lesson preparation 😌 1-hour English Private Lesson 1-hour Thai Lesson スクールの場所 •少路 〒560-0002 大阪府豊中市緑ヶ丘1-24-14 •芦屋 〒659-0096 兵庫県芦屋市山手町14-8 •江坂 〒5640063 大阪府吹田市江坂町2-1-35 __________________________________ お問い合わせ 携帯 : 090-6677-8007 メールアドレス: info@the-english-salon.com

BALI – My Summer Vacation

August 2019 These pictures give you one of the most important reasons why you learn English. これらの写真は英語を学ぶことの大切さを実感できる1つです。 You can あなたできること ✔️travel the world 世界中を旅すること ✔️explore and learn new things 新しいことを探索して学ぶこと ✔️make new friends world wide 世界中に新しい友達を作ること Indonesia is my 29th country and Bali is one of my destinations for this trip. I enjoyed traveling and... Continue Reading →

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