The company lesson is varied depending on each company’s goals and requirements. 

The lesson could be conducted at iSEKAI English Academy’s Study Room and/or client’s office. 


Please follow these 4 steps:

STEP 1: First Contact

First, please call us at 06-7713-0569 (Office Phone) or 090-6677-8007 (Mobile Phone) or email us at to ask your preliminary questions and/or concerns. After that, please inform us your available date and time and make a booking for consultation. 

STEP 2: Consultation Time

FREE consultation date & time is arranged for you with our experienced instructor. The instructor will listen to you, your concerns, your future goals … In some case, small language proficiency test and/or interview is required. Then, the instructor will provide you with some suggestions of lesson plan/course you should take. The recommended plan/course is individualized aiming at meeting the requirement of each client. 

STEP 3: Agreement

After discussing, concluding and choosing your study plan, the agreement is made and signed between iSEKAI English Academy & the client. The payment is made. 

STEP 4: Start Lesson

The instructor will inform you the date and time to start the lesson. Either instructor is sent to your company to provide the lesson or your employees can come to iSEKAI English Academy’s Study Room (based on the discussion and agreement in Step 2 & 3)


iSEKAI Group 株式会社

Tel/Fax: 06-7713-0569

Mobile: (JP) 090-6677-8007

              (EN) 080-4394-8008

Instagram: @english_academy_esaka

FaceBook: @iSEKAI.EnglishAcademy

LINE: isekai8

WhatsApp: iSEKAI2018

KakaoTalk: iSEKAI2018

WeChat: iSEKAI2018 


(JP) 〒564-0063 大阪府 吹田市 江坂町 2-3-30-301

(EN) 〒564-0063 Osaka-Fu, Suita-Shi, Esaka-Cho 2-3-30-301, Japan 

Opening Hours: 08:00 ~ 21:00 (Mondays to Sundays)

Official Website:

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