Informal Contractions

Informal Contractions

GONNA ===> going + to

GIMME ===> give + me

DONCHA ===> don’t + you

GOTTA ===> got + to

KINDA ===> kind + of

HAFTA ===> have + to

OUTTA ===> out + of

WANNA ===> want + to

LEMME ===> let + me

DUNNO ===> don’t + know

HASTA ===> has + to

Let’s make sentences

•I’m gonna eat.

•Gimme a receipt.

•Doncha trust me?

•I’ve gotta get outta here.

•I was kinda sorry to see him go.

•I hafta work overtime tonight.

•Wanna come to my party?

•Lemme show you my book.

•I dunno what to write.

•He hasta visit the doctor.

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