What time is it?


10:00 – ten o’clock (or ten)

10:05 – five past ten (or ten oh five)

10:10 – ten past ten (or ten ten)

10:15 – quarter past ten (or ten fifteen)

10:20 – twenty past ten (or ten twenty)

10:25 – twenty-five past ten (or ten twenty-five)

10:30 – half past ten (or ten thirty)

10:35 – twenty-five to ten (or ten thirty-five)

10:40 – twenty to ten (or ten forty)

10:45 – quarter to ten (or ten fort-five)

10:50 – ten to ten (or ten fifty)

10:55 – five to ten (or ten fifty-five)

11:00 – eleven o’clock (or eleven)


10:30 – don’t say it’s ten and a half

If the minutes are not 05/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55, you have to say the hour first and then the minutes.

Example: 2:14 – it’s two fourteen

(Don’t say: it’s fourteen past two)

営業時間 月曜日~日曜日(年末、年始を除く)、7:00 ~ 22:00

スクールの場所 •少路

〒560-0002 大阪府豊中市緑ヶ丘1-24-14 •芦屋

〒659-0096 兵庫県芦屋市山手町14-8 •江坂

〒5640063 大阪府吹田市江坂町2-1-35



電話番号 : 06-7713-0569

携帯 : 090-6677-8007

メールアドレス: info@the-english-salon.com

ライン : https://bit.ly/2VSi9Rz


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